Environment and Water Management

Our water resources are not only natural values but can be the key of the future of a region in case that the development plans are implemented according to the principles of the 21st century’s development culture considering of sustainablity and environmental protection.

Spa, Tourism and Regional Development

For the development of a region or a settlement serving regional and local interest or for the profitable operation of the new facility, the first steps must be made with the consideration of integrated development and sustainabiltiy.

Project Development and Financing

Environmental protection nowadays is one of the cornerstones of every investments. We support our business partners from the project planning, through the implementation to the monitoring tasks including the aquiring of official authorisations.

International Business Development

Financial conditions lay down the success of an investment or a development. Due to this fact, the principles of economy are taken into account from the beginning of a project through the sustainable operation, if necessary we also provide assistance for obtaining EU funds.