Hungary is uniquely rich in geothermal energy resources. The Hungarian thermal water resource offers great opportunities for the use of energy for residential, agricultural and industrial purposes.

Today, the benefits of geothermal energy are being exploited in more and more countries. The conditions of Hungary are unique on the continent.

The efficient use of high-energy heat sources and other forms of geothermal energy is essential for the carbon-neutral transformation of the 21st century economy. Our service serves the professional foundation of such development projects.

For our partners, we explore the best possible local geothermal energy sources in accordance with the given project goal. The forms of this can vary depending on the customer's needs.

It is possible to prepare a decision-making study, which includes the possibilities of thermal water procurement and the heat utilization and energy utilization plan, thus providing a professionally based support for the detailed elaboration of an investment. It is also possible to prepare a detailed feasibility study before the planned developments, which includes for our clients the technical solutions to be implemented and their detailed description, the financial aspects of the project, complex cost-benefit analysis and other aspects of the investment (eg environmental, sustainability, marketing, social or any other compliance criteria).


  • preparation of feasibility studies required for tenders for the utilization of renewable energies
  • feasibility of investments for the utilization of geothermal energy
  • professional knowledge, 25 years of experience in similar procedures


  • exploring the possibilities of energy recovery
  • exploring the possibilities of utilization for agricultural purposes
  • feasibility of balneo-tourism applications


  • Gödöllő, complex feasibility study for the utilization of geothermal energy in district heating
  • Possibilities of geothermal based heat and electricity production and utilization in Ráckeve-1 drilling
  • Nagykanizsa - Complex geothermal utilization project (preliminary feasibility study)